You is crazy, You is stank, You is ratchet…

Today I laughed a lot.

Mostly at the expense of Tina and my friends who have over the years sent or posted not their best photos, after what could have been a long night of drinking, a girls cabin weekend or just Jeffrey’s scandalous snap-chats. Either way, I had real laughter today. Like deep belly laughs almost to the point of tears.

I have to give credit where credit is due to my friends…all 1,000 of them that have some time or another made me laugh. Everyone today took what was dished and some of us have some explaining to do, especially to our Mormon boss tomorrow am.


No doubt about it when you find your “tribe” as cliche as it sounds you become thick as thieves. You fight. You Gossip. You love. And you forgive. But everything you do, you do it hard and with all your heart. Your passion for what you are fighting about is real and eventually with time and active listening you get through life together. My girl friends and guy friends are amazing. To all the people who were a part of what I have to believe was the bright spot of everyone’s rainy Tuesday today…Thanks for being weird.

Tina-You were the start of this whole string of posts. Your ability to laugh at yourself and not give two shits who likes you or not is epic. You are part of the glue that holds everyone together and you make everyone laugh whether you know it or not.

On to the other half…

There is something about a picture of someone passed out for whatever reason that makes me laugh. Most of the time the ones I see, someone has had too much to drink but other times they are sleeping peacefully. Our infamous sleeper who is guaranteed to have something placed near her mouth or nose is Ashley. However, then there is just that picture that makes you say: Wolf-Buzz’s Girlfriend.


Then there is Umar….
18623582_10100226286177918_4397069255103939258_oOur infamous party bus. Wherever he goes fireball and trouble are sure to follow. Although circa 2002 we could not tell if the pictures below are him or Tina, we can let you be the judge, but just know if you do anything that is the slightest bit embarrassing he for sure has it locked away with your nudes and your dignity and will unleash in group me’s all over America and Pakistan.

Sweet Baby Nicole!

Her free spirit and perfume that smells like incense are sure to make you forget all your worries and strife, and the only thing she really forgets are her pants and bra most of the time. The best thing about Na-hole is she always can laugh at herself, even after a a picture like this.

I am combining the next two because some how, some way, they managed to weasel their way out of five years of bad photos and I could only find one of each.You know them separately as Lady Liberty and Little Red, Dawn and Natalie you have escaped this time, but I will be waiting around the corner with a camera like a creep the next time you girls do the walk of shame from Cornerstone or Ft. Bragg.

Jeffrey Manning….before you start reading this girl go get your weave, your black tutu and a bottle of water because we know the thirst is real. You have been a constant source of laughter from either your snap chats of you singing to the camera as if you were Celine or photos filling up the internet of you pinning some poor helpless man against the wall at Legends or in Miami. Whatever you do, I love that you stay true to yourself. Should you ever get into trouble and go to jail, if the only picture anyone had was of your butt (and it’s always out) we could pick you out of a lineup with a picture of Donald Trump’s face and they would be similar.

Little Shin Shin aka Katie aka Lil Hans aka #tastetester

Imagine Niki Minaj but change her height to 5’2, shes wearing a choker, just downed a five hour energy and has this little devil on her shoulder that says tonight I may get spunky and karaoke at Luxury Box or I might eat a box of Taco Bell and restore old furniture. Either way you are the life of the party. You are like the energizer bunny when we go out and the next day look like the party bus hit you.

Jahron…congratulations on turning 18 finally. Also congrats on being our friend. When I first met you I swear the amount of gold chains you had hanging around your neck made Chingy look like a country singer. You laugh at everything, you make people smile and you are too cool for school. You have a huge heart but a bigger forehead.


Marnie and Haley…my two friends who could possibly do the most destruction to any city they come in contact with like a natural disaster. Marnie is solely responsible for everyone reading this who may or may not have owned a one-sie at one time in their life and been OK with it. The first Trolley Pub we ever did together Marnie had a Barney suit on and explained to everyone she was Barney with a “M”. Meanwhile Haley was passed out somewhere on Glenwood in a bathroom stall or feeding sharks in the ocean at Carolina Beach. Either way we all know these are the two girls who bring life or death to each party….mostly inflicted by shots.

Tim aka were super quiet today but I will leave you with these….Thank you for being two personalities when you drink Rumplemintz.

Sharifa. We became friends over trap music and strip clubs, now look at us or should I say look at you boo boo. You would not know it but under that outfit her brows, makeup and bath bombs are on fleek.


Lastly my dear sweet husband….thank you for starting this thread today. You allowed me to laugh and reflect on what good friends I have…or thought I had after some of the dirt they posted.


I appreciate everyone of my friends sense of humors and ability to laugh at themselves. I think that is a trait everyone in life needs. I look forward to many more years making memories except now I have a child and have to tell her when mommy looks like this she is just stretching out after a hard workout.



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